E-Revenue Systems

Our partnership with Unilink an end to end provider of E-commerce solutions allows Educational institutions & Public institutions to “ CENTRALISE COMMERCE ’’ .The solution simplifies Payments & Reconciliations challenges in today's rapid changing digital world.

OneStopSecure ® is a smart platform that solve some of Payments & Reconciliations needs that large institution face to increase their Revenue collection.

The solution provides the following benefits:

  • Customer Portal to make & manage payments for all services provided.
  • Full Reporting & Reconciliations
  • Multiple Payments Options online & in person including multiple currency conversion
  • Scheduled payments allowing installments payment & user can view & edit payments
  • Refunds are automated based security to the original credit card without storing card details
  • E-Commerce platform to sell e.g. Merchandise,Parking & Venue for Hire increasing Revenue while creating a database of future customers